XStoryPlayer Oculus Rift

XStoryPlayer is an erotic story game featuring some of the best interactions available in adult gaming. While being developed by a small team the quality is amazing. Best of all, the developers have expressed an interest in supporting the Oculus Rift.

The game supports physics, even on the characters. This makes it one of the most innovative adult games on the market. X Moon Productions is also working on combining motion capture with physics, mucus physics and more. Check out the website and the OffBeatr campaign where they try to raise money to speed up development. If you would like to get into the game with you Rift, go vote and pledge for the XStoryPlayer OffBeatr campaign.

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Somavision VR is coming

Press announcement from Somavision:

Virtual Sex gaming powerhouse Somavision today (march 12, 2013) accounced an official project for the upcoming VR headset the Oculus rift. The game which will feature never before seen detailed 3D models and environments will feature adult VR immersion on an unprecidented level. Continue reading “Somavision VR is coming”