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Hi all, just a quick update on a new functionality we just added to the site:

Aggregated Oculus Rift Porn News

You can find it under the menu item VR Porn News in the main navigation menu. We also added a VR Porn News RSS feed with the same items for your convenience so you can stay updated. The feed isn’t working correctly, we’ll fix it soon.

That’s all folks, until next update.

VRtitties 0.11

Chelsearift has released the 0.1.1 version of VRTitties.

VRtitties 0.11

While still in development this adult virtual reality game already shows great promise. As you can see in the image below the realism is quite cunning. Once you get into the game the animations are still lacking a bit but we’re sure they’ll get it right if enough interest is shown. Go check out them titties in VR, maybe even donate some cash to get it rolling and let us know what you think!

Visit VR Titties

Is Watching Virtual Reality Porn Considered Cheating?

Recently we posted a funny video about Getting Caught Masturbating in the (not so distant) Future. We found it in an interesting thread on Reddit. The topic of the thread was if you would consider it cheating on your partner if you use sex toys or prosthetics while watching virtual reality porn.

Is Watching Virtual Reality Porn Considered Cheating?

It’s an interesting topic as it makes you think about your personal freedoms and what your and your partners boundaries are. Some people consider it cheating, others don’t. Most consider masturbating while watching porn not cheating. Add a sex toy, is it still not cheating? Now add watching porn in virtual reality, maybe an interactive experience with a computer generated character, boundaries become unclear. What about having interactive virtual reality sex with a human or a webcam girl?

Technically you’re not cheating, you’re not actually having sex with another human, but your partner might think otherwise. As this new virtual reality technology advances more and more people are going to have to talk about this with each other. We think talking about your feelings, needs and wishes to experiment with your partner is best. We’re not judging but we think if your partner feels it’s wrong for you to watch virtual reality porn and use a sex toy while you want to you should not feel bad about it, just talk about it. It’s not wrong to masturbate, this is just a new form. Hey, maybe you could have sex together in virtual reality one day? Maybe you both want to look like you’re 20 again and have a go at each other? Nothing wrong with that!

What do you think? Is watching virtual reality porn considered cheating? Where is the boundary between personal freedom and respect for your partner? Is it wrong to do this or should you feel bad about masturbating in this fashion? We’d love to hear your opinion, let us know in the comments.

Getting Caught Masturbating in the (not so distant) Future

From this interesting Reddit post: Would you consider VR+prosthetics porn “cheating”?

Our comment:

Interesting points of view are displayed here. Some people are taking VR porn and VR in general way too serious. The border between real reality and virtual reality is not so clear it seams. People watch porn and please themselves, they have been doing it for ages. It’s not wrong. If your partner thinks it is you might need to talk about it, you should not have to feel bad for masturbation in whatever form you like or feel bad towards your partner for it. Talk about it in openness, share your most inner feelings, always the best imho.