Improved 180º 3D Oculus Rift Porn Video from OculusRealPorn

Improved 180º 3D Oculus Rift Porn Video from OculusRealPorn. New models too!

Improved 180º 3D Oculus Rift Porn Video from OculusRealPorn

We have do it! After some months of researching to achieve a better immersion in our videos, we announce our first 180º 3D Video for Oculus Rift: “Desired Cumshot Part I”, with our new models Irina Vega and Fenyx Santos. We’d like to thank to all the subscribers to make it possible. But we don’t stop here, we’ll continue to explore the new technologies to achieve the total immersion with DK1 and the almost here DK2.

We’d like to listen all your comments to improve our videos, we are all developers! (or almost) ;)

Enjoy it like never before!!

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Bathroom – Erotic VR experience

Bathroom Erotic VR Experience

loverboy200 mentioned the release of this small demo in the comments of a post about a whole other Lara. It’s an erotic bathroom experience of a woman named Lara who is pleasing herself.

Bathroom is an Oculus Rift VR application where you can witness Lara playing with herself. You can walk around her and feel like you are in the same room with her.

Of course you need Oculus Rift to experience it as it is itended. Hope you enjoy it.

Originally found at the VR Sex Lab forums.


Chathouse 3D Roulette in official Beta

Update: Some people are warning others that this beta is in fact NOT Rift enabled. If so, that would not be a very smart move by TriXXX.

Update 2: More reports coming in that Rift is not supported. Maybe better to try 3DXChat that does support the rift!

We just got this email from Chathouse 3D announcing the official beta release of Chathouse 3D.


Hi there,

We are happy to announce the official Beta Release of Chathouse 3D !

From now on, everyone can test and enjoy our award winning Chathouse 3D Roulette !

Meet up with friends or randomly chosen players, dress up, chat, laugh, walk around and/or seduce each other for hot sexual encounters. Do what every your heart desires !

Users who already have signed up for a thriXXX launcher account on thriXXX can simply open their thriXXX Launcher and download/start the game by clicking on the Chathouse 3D Roulette tile.

Users who have not signed up yet, go to thriXXX, click at the top right hand corner on ‘Create Account’ and with your new account details you can download the thriXXX Launcher to access the Chathouse 3D Roulette.

Have fun, test, and enjoy yourself to the fullest in the most kinkiest ways !

Awesome Hug Amanda

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