Knowing Sicilia VR Porn Video

Here we go again, Virtual Real Porn at it’s best. They just keep producing and we sure like the solo scenes. Blonde sweet teens even more. Check out the screenshots and artwork here or just join Virtual Real Porn now!

Knowing Sicilia VR Porn Video

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XStoryPlayer 3.5 the BDSM Style 3D VR Porn Game is Out Now!

XStoryPlayer 3.5, everyones “favorite” BDSM style 3D VR Porn Game has a new version that just came out. 3.5 is the current version and it brings you more of the dungeon vibe action you were used to, or not.

Supporting Oculus Rift DK2 this BDSM style force-it-if-they-don’t-wanna game (see, it’s super weird but to each it’s own, we’re not judging) has advanced physics and “interactions” not possible in other games.

Did we mention tentacles?

XStoryPlayer 3.5
Hmm, left? Right? Sandwich?

Here’s what XMoonProductions has to say about it:

It has been quite a challenge getting everything to work together.
A lot of optimization of the physics engine was done to have good performance with multiple characters.
On a “normal” PC and graphics card, the game should run at 60 fps.
Also with the Oculus Rift, the game should run smoothly at 75 fps.

We are pleased with the result and hope you are too.
There are a lot of details in the game that you will find out after some experimenting.

We are now working on a new demo and also want to upgrade the website (they are seriously outdated at the moment).
Also we want to start some discussions/polls on the forum on what people like best to better accommodate future wishes and work towards some sort of roadmap.

Also I like to thank all modders again for the great work. The new cloths and textures really are a great addition!
And I was happily surprised to see how fast new dungeon mods are being made for version 3.5. :)

Here are some screenshots of what version 3.5 has to offer:

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