Chathouse3D Oculus Rift Tech Demo by thriXXX

Chathouse 3D is coming! This game will be the ultimate Massive Multiplayer Online Virtual Sex Game (also known as MMOVSG) and the next big step in the evolution of online 3D sex games! Chathouse 3D is being produced by Thrixxx, the legendary makers of awesome successful interactive 3D sex games like 3D Sexvilla 2, Hentai 3D 2 or 3D Gayvilla.

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3DXChat Gets Oculus Rift Support

Exciting news for all you adult virtual reality fans out there. 3DXChat now fully supports the Oculus Rift in addition to the VStroker Fleshlight.

3DXChat Oculus Rift

3DXChat Oculus Rift & VStroker Fleshlight

It is now for the first time ever possible to use your manlyhood to interact with 3D modelled characters in Virtual Reality by means of the VStroker Fleshlight, a penis controller for your computer, if that is your thing. And lets be completely honest, you wouldn’t be reading this article if you weren’t a bit interested.

3DXChat + VStroker + Oculus Rift = Virtual Reality Porn Heaven

Japanese Custom Maid 3D Sex Game Gets Oculus Rift Support

The Japanese virtual sex game Custom Maid 3D, which already had “interactive elements“, gets Oculus Rift support in the newest alpha, says the blog post here “Custom-made 3D with Ju-C AIR VR Alpha“. Continue reading “Japanese Custom Maid 3D Sex Game Gets Oculus Rift Support”