thriXXX is trying to set a standard in VR adult gaming by proposing VRSexKits, a public API Project to create a ‘universal backbone’ to as many different VR sex-sim applications as possible.


“The public API Project will incorporate feedback from developers and other interested parties worldwide.

We need people to imagine how natural user interface (NUI) technologies coupled with an integrating API can be a ‘universal backbone’ to as many different VR sex-sim applications as possible, ones that can be integrated with any current or future software kits and hardware platforms.”

“The intent is write an API platform specification and create a small easy to use, hard to misuse, easy to evolve, powerful and agile coding tool for other programmers to create and modify sexually based content and make it appropriate for different audiences, contexts and purposes.

Currently in-game scripting for sequence making, multiple choice branching, pose editing, level of detail in regards to real-time interactive sexually orientated and fantasy based experiences are included in the existing product. The goal is to open up and expose these capabilities via an API and integrate this with NUI hardware and inexpensive USB connected peripherals.”

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