Hurray, XStoryPlayer Crowdfunder is now live on Offbeatr!

And the good news is: Oculus Rift support included ūüôā

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The info from the Offbeatr campaign:

Who are we?

We are the developers of XStoryPlayer. A few friends started building this adult game a few years ago, and have been working on it since. Version 2.1 has been released for 6 months now and the receipt and support from the adult communities has really been great.

Our goal was to build a new kind of adult game in which the focus was not only on the sex act itself, but also on the story behind it. In our view a solid and humoristic context is needed for a full erotic experience.

So in order to create this context we wanted the game to contain at least the following elements:

  • Story telling (allowing for multiple stories)
  • Physics based (physics for all objects including the characters themselves)
  • Natural language support (so you have full freedom to talk with the characters)
  • Multiple first persons (so you can play a story differently as another person)
  • Good 3d visualization (comparable to other 3d games)
  • Good support for specialized hardware such as ‘Oculus Rift and ‘Leap Motion’ (Oculus Rift Demo movie here!!)



What does our project entail?

So why do we need this Offbeatr project?

The current state of XStoryPlayer is good, but in order for it to become the ultimate adult game it needs a lot of work and therefore support from a large number of (future) users.

At the moment the story lines are linear. We want the stories to branch and to have multiple outcomes in order for re-playability to be enhanced. Our final goal would would be that multiple stories take place at once, and you can decide what story to go for. The stories would interact with each other, and the number of outcomes would be infinite.

A story could then simply be: You start as a freshman at the university, where a surprising number of girls are studying as well. They each have their own story and approach needed to conquer them.


The physics allows for a lot of freedom, but also makes creating the 3d models a lot more work. We want to make it easier for models to be added to the game allowing for a lot of characters. We also would like to make it possible for users to add their own custom based characters in an easy way.

The natural language support needs to be expanded, so that the characters have a good response for most situations. Also we like to support multiple languages.

Currently the stories can only be played with a fixed¬†first person character. We like that to choice to be free in the future. The girls should react differently to what kind of first person you are. Playing as the “pretty boy” character for example, sometimes ignoring a girl could prove to be a successful strategy in advancing your relationship.

Pretty boy

When playing as the “nerd character”, you could try dating girls who like animals and maybe want to befriend with your portal housepet the “tentacle creature”.


The 3D visualization at the moment is good, but we like to improve the lighting and post processing in order for better skin shaders and better shadowing. Also we like to add support for devices like the Oculus Rift.

So basically we want to make a huge step in improving XStoryPlayer. Your support would really help speeding things up because it would allow us to attract extra resources for modelling and programming.

Why are we doing this project?

We like gaming ourselves and think its time for adult gaming as a genre to mature. A lot of great 3D games focus on younger people. We hope to make a great (fair priced) erotic game for 18+ gamers as well.

What reward do we offer?

The reward would be that you can play a really nice 3d adult game, that is fun playing for a long time. It would also mean that you can have influence on future gaming features.

How are we planning to use the money?

We plan to use the money to add more resources to developing XStoryPlayer. This way we can make a huge step towards our final goal as outlined in the previous sections.

In game screenshots

Here are some screenshots taken from the current version of XStoryPlayer.



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