VORZE A10 Cyclone SA

A10 Cyclone is:

  • very easy and intuitive
  • equipped with an advanced rotation mechanism
  • transforms various rotation patterns to a soft, nub-attached sleeve
  • a masturbation experience you will truly never forget
  • two ways to control
  • the first way is a┬áset of buttons on the device allows you to control 7 patterns and 7 speed settings
  • the second way is to wirelessly connect the device to your PC computer
  • the included software syncs to preset video and its patterns written in a CSV file
  • you can have it synced up to porn videos for the ultimate experience!
  • redesigned to be powerful but quiet as to not tip off everyone about what you are doing
  • rechargeable so it doesn’t eat up all your batteries
  • first in America to carry the official English version of VORZE A10 Cyclone SA
  • with English software that is compatible with the English Windows operating system

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