Get a Grip – Erotic Virtual Reality Chat Encounter Part 3 is the third part of a series of stories published on Adult Rift List. In these fictional stories we follow Joel in his erotic adventures in Virtual Reality.


For a moment he thought he’d pushed things too far, but then Sandy reached up behind her back and with one quick motion undid the clasp of her bra. She shrugged it off, and there were he breasts, heavy and rounded and full. A perfect handful each. Joel couldn’t keep himself from staring. Sandy let him for a good long minute, then folded an arm across her chest.

“Truth or dare?” she asked.

Well, there was no going back now. “Dare?” said Joel tentatively.

“Kiss me,” said Sandy simply. And Joel complied. He advanced across the grass and selected the action, and within seconds his whole view was filled with Sandy’s beautiful face, her fine blonde hair. She was so close that Joel was almost certain he could smell her perfume, almost certain that if he reached out in front of him he would feel not the smooth surface of his computer screen but instead the cool smoothness of her suntanned skin.

The kiss went on for a long time. Joel could hear the sounds of their mouths moving against one another, and see the soft way that Sandy’s body pulsed towards his. Then they broke apart and settled once more onto the grass. As they did so, he caught another glimpse of her breasts.

“Truth or dare?” he said at last.

“Dare,” said Sandy, her voice barely above a whisper.

“Touch yourself for me,” said Joel. The words were out of his mouth before he even knew what he was planning on saying. They surprised him. There was no way at all in the real world that he’d ever be so forward. But this wasn’t the real world. This was something different, and it felt as though the two of them were under a spell.

“Right now?” said Sandy. “Here?”

“Yeah,” said Joel.

Sandy appeared to think about it for a moment. Then she said, “Only if you do the same for me.”

“Of course,” said Joel.

He watched as Sandy reached down between her suntanned legs, folding a hand under the hem of her little denim shorts. She threw her head back. Joel twitched the controls to make his own avatar do the same, then reached for himself in the real world. He couldn’t help but shiver. He watched Sandy , beautiful Sandy, and listened to the noises she was making in his headphones – the low moans and caught breaths.

Hard to believe that just half an hour ago he had been wandering around the park trying to get up the nerve to talk to anybody at all.

Joel arched his back. He was close, but he wanted to wait until Sandy was too. He held himself and waited, watching her writhe against the grass, watching the expression on her virtual face, listening to her moans rising in pitch higher and higher until he found that he couldn’t wait a second longer.

They both finished at the same time. Joel let out a long groan, and Sandy’s voice went up so high that he could barely hear it. Joel could hardly believe how good it felt. He shuddered and drew in a shaky breath. For a long time afterwards neither of them spoke. They collapsed onto the grass of the virtual world, and simply lay there next to each other.

“Well,” said Sandy eventually. “That was definitely interesting. I reckon you and I are going to be friends.”

End of part 3 of the short story Get a Grip – Erotic Virtual Reality Chat Encounter. This concludes this story. Stay tuned for more stories!

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