Get a Grip – Erotic Virtual Reality Chat Encounter Part 2 is the second part of a series of stories published on Adult Rift List. In these fictional stories we follow Joel in his erotic adventures in Virtual Reality.


“So,” he typed. “What’s your name?”

The girl stretched beneath him, pushing her hands up in front of her head. Her back moved in interesting ways. “Sandy,” she said. “What’s yours?”

“J-Joel,” said Joel, cursing his stutter.

“Where you from, Joel?” said Sandy.

Joel told her, and Sandy sighed seemingly with disappointment. “What?” said Joel.

“All the guys in this game live so far away,” said Sandy.

“Have you met a lot of guys?”

“A fair few.”

There were other questions Joel wanted to ask, but he held back. He watched his avatar kneeling beside Sandy’s on the grass, rubbing the lotion into her back. This was a situation he would never find himself in in real life, and yet within half an hour of firing up 3DXchat here he was.

After a moment Sandy rolled away from him, folding one arm across her chest as she did so to keep her bra in place. Joel sat back, unable to stop himself from drinking in her virtual body. She had to be the most beautiful woman who had ever even given him the time of day.

“Say,” said Sandy, “want to play a game?”

“Sure,” said Joel. “What game?”

“Truth or dare,” said Sandy.

Joel couldn’t agree fast enough. With a quick and complex little movement, Sandy refastened her bra behind her back, then sat up cross-legged on the grass. Joel did the same. They were looking into each other’s eyes, but somehow – unlike when he did so with a girl in the real world – Joel didn’t feel anxious at all.

“I’ll go first then,” said Sandy. “Truth or dare?”

“Truth,” said Joel.

“What’s your favorite position?” said Sandy without hesitation.

“You mean… for sex?” said Joel, taken aback by her forwardness.

“Yes for sex,” said Sandy. “What else?”

“Oh,” said Joel. “Um. Well, I guess I really like doggy.”

“Me too!” said Sandy. “I love how deep you can get.” She smiled wickedly at him, and Joel felt himself harden almost at once. He drew in a breath. “Your turn now,” said Sandy.

“Truth or dare?” said Joel. His mouth had gone suddenly dry.

“Truth,” said Sandy.

Joel’s mind whirled with questions. He found himself glancing around the park in which they sat for inspiration as to which one to pick. “Um… have you ever done it… outside?” he asked tentatively.

Sandy giggled. “Twice,” she said. “Once in a parking lot and once on the beach. The beach was the best, but we almost got caught. Truth or dare?”

“Truth,” said Joel.

“Do you find me attractive?” said Sandy.

Once again Joel found himself momentarily speechless. He gathered himself. “Yeah,” he said. “Obviously. You’re gorgeous.”

“Well, thank you,” said Sandy, and she sat up a little bit straighter. Joel could feel a thickening of the air between them – an energy that existed in between their two virtual bodies. The rest of the world carried on around them; the park full of joggers and the trees waving in the breeze and the birds flitting across the sky. But he and Sandy were in a little bubble of their own.

“Do you find me attractive?” he asked.

“You didn’t ask if I wanted a truth or a dare,” said Sandy.

Joel laughed. “Truth or dare?”

“Dare,” said Sandy, and again that wicked smile flashed across her face.

For a long moment Joel didn’t know what to say. Sandy was watching him closely – he wondered if she knew how much this talk was turning him on, or just how attracted to her he really was. Not just her virtual body but her voice, the easy way she talked. It all seemed almost impossible – things were happening so fast. And yet here he was. “I dare you,” he said, “to take off your bra.”

End of part 2 of the short story Get a Grip – Erotic Virtual Reality Chat Encounter. Stay tuned for the third part of this story!

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