Get a Grip – Erotic Virtual Reality Chat Encounter is the first part of a series of stories published on Adult Rift List. In these fictional stories we follow Joel in his erotic adventures in Virtual Reality.


Joel had to admit that the graphics were pretty impressive. He was standing in a city park, surrounded by trees which swayed gently in the breeze. The sky was bright blue and clear, the sun gleaming off the grass so prettily that Joel was almost convinced that he could feel it on his skin. Even the tower blocks that surrounded the park were stunningly realistic. If it wasn’t for the fact that he knew what he was looking at was a computer game, Joel would have sworn that it was a video.

And the women! Not only were they realistic, but they were achingly beautiful. Joel watched them wander the park – jogging or walking their dogs, sitting on benches and reading, or simply lying in the sun in painfully skimpy costumes, soaking up the rays. They came in all different shapes and sizes, but there wasn’t a single one that Joel didn’t admire from a distance.

It had been a friend who leant him the erotic virtual reality game 3DXchat. Amongst his friends Joel’s lack of success with women was almost legendary, and so the loan of the game had been partly a joke and partly sincere. “Give it a try,” his friend had said. “It should be good for some practice at least.”

And so now here he was, wearing his Oculus Rift at eleven o’ clock at night after a tiring day at work, manoeuvring his avatar through a sun-soaked park teeming with beautiful women. The trouble was that, just as in real life, he was too scared to approach any of them. Every time he saw one that he liked he would simply freeze. What if he got it wrong? What if he couldn’t even pick up a virtual woman?

“Get a grip,” Joel muttered to himself the third time this happened. If it all went wrong then he could simply start again. He knew that. So what was he waiting for? He gritted his teeth, and forced himself to walk up to a woman who was sunbathing on a patch of grass near a fountain. She wore a pair of little denim shorts that showed off her long tanned legs, as well as a bra that was barely there at all. Her blonde hair was pinned up at the back of her head, and she was reading a magazine, sunglasses perched on top of her head.

“Hey,” typed Joel. “What are you reading?”

The woman glanced up and Joel recoiled, expecting to see a look of disgust or annoyance on her face. Instead she smiled. “Oh,” she said, flipping the magazine shut. “Nothing special. Hey, you couldn’t do me a favour could you?”

“Favour?” typed Joel.

From seemingly nowhere the woman produced a bottle of suntan lotion. “Could you rub this on my back?”

For a moment Joel froze. Then he lurched forward and took the bottle. “Sure,” he typed, with shaking fingers. He knelt down beside her and clumsily squirted some of the lotion into his hand. He was still getting used to the controls, and such a fine action was difficult to execute. But he managed. Carefully, keen not to scare her off, he started spreading the lotion in small circles at the top of her back.

“Oh, that’s good,” moaned the woman. Then, quite to Joel’s surprise, she reached back and undid the fastener of her bra, letting it fall open, and giving him access to the whole smooth plane of her back. “That feels really nice,” she said. “Could you press a little harder? It’s like a massage.”

Joel’s mouth had gone dry. With clumsy fingers he worked the controls. On screen, the strong hands of his avatar spread the lotion across the woman’s skin. She really was, he reflected, extraordinarily pretty. A few wisps of her blonde hair had escaped being tied back, and floated around her face. He wanted very much to brush them away, but he held himself back. No sense in pushing his luck just yet, he reasoned.

“So,” he typed. “What’s your name?”

End of part 1 of the short story Get a Grip – Erotic Virtual Reality Chat Encounter. Stay tuned for the second part of this story!

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