Adult Rift List Video Store

In preparation of SugarDVD coming with an adult virtual reality app for Oculus Rift porn we added a SugarDVD video store to the site. For now it’s just the regular VOD store (and more) but we will update it as soon as SugarDVD publishes the app.

Adult Rift List Video Store

Adult Rift List Video Store

Here’s a bit more from the press release posted by Venturebeat:

The Oculus Rift virtual-reality headset is getting porn. Adult-film streaming service SugarDVD announced today that it is working on an app for the VR device — produced by the company Facebook bought for $2 billion earlier this year — that will stream adult movies and content to the device. The adult-film company already offers up its Netflix-like services for $8 per month, which enables customers to load up unlimited porn on their smartphones, PlayStation 4, or set-top box. Now, SugarDVD is looking to the next generation of digital sex with the Oculus Rift.

While hundreds of developers are working on games for Oculus Rift, SugarDVD says it wants to put viewers into their favorite adult movies. It’s working with motion-capture studios in Los Angeles to generate original, VR-optimized content that will take full advantage of the Rift’s technology.

“Ideally, we’d like to include interactivity as soon as possible,” SugarDVD spokesperson Rebecca Bolen told GamesBeat. “[At first, this will be] similar to a ‘choose your own adventure’ type of experience. We already have these options for DVDs and movies with alternate ‘endings’ depending on what the viewer chooses, so we are looking forward to integrating those features into VR.”

The SugarDVD Oculus app is due out as a demo soon, and the company hopes to show it off at the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo tradeshow in L.A. early next month.

“When our demo comes out, we will need beta testers,” said Bolen. “We will pick the first batch of testers out of our subscriber list, so sign up if you want to get your hands on our virtual reality app first.”

SugarDVD is hitting the Rift early in its life. Oculus VR is still working on producing the first consumer version its headset. So far, Oculus has sold thousands of the developer versions of its hardware. Many gamers bought in early due to the device’s potential as the next big step in interactive entertainment, but Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg sees it as the next major computing platform after mobile.

ZeniMax, meanwhile, wants to get in on the action. The game company sued Oculus for misappropriating trade secrets today, but Oculus says this is just a shakedown.

And what’s a computing platform without some naked people getting down?